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  Every coin has two sides. On the one hand, I am quite satisfied with my university life. On the other hand, life in my university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected.

  Here is the bright side of my university life: Firstly, Equipment of my university is advanced and teacher team is powerful. There is an advanced library that owns all kinds of books. So we can acquire a lot of knowledge from my university. Secondly, all sorts of lectures are given on campus. We can learn much knowledge that is interesting. Thirdly, my campus activities are rich and colorful. Such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends. What’s more, my dormitory life is very harmonious. Dormitory life is an important part of my university life. On the one hand, we can have a good rest and put our heart into study. On the other hand, we will have a good mood and enjoy being together.

  This is the dark side of my university life: Firstly, there is only one dining room in my university. So we often need to wait in a long line, which waste much time. Everyday is always fixed cuisine types, which make our appetites depressed. Secondly, self-study room is not enough. Now we will soon take final exam. So it is difficult to find a self-study room. What’s more, network of my university is very unstable. It is difficult to search literature in my dormitory, which waste too much time.In short, I am quite satisfied with my university life, but there is still some room for improvement. I am convinced that my university life will become better and better.






  To be frank,the university life is not only the period for us to learn the professional knowledge,but also the period for us to develop our comprehensive abilities.If we can make full use of thus period,we wont treat it as a waste of time and we do have learnt something.As a result,we are able to get use to society with active attitude,creating our own value of life and making contribution to our country.

  Maybe,one is not able to adapt to the university life for its completely different from the high school life in which we must take at eight classes,not including the morning and evening individual study.Besides,there are always large quantity of school work waiting us to complete.Therefore,we are easy to feel tired even bored.However,when we enter the university,things start to greatly change.We have more free time to learn what we want to,such as taking part in various activities,reading in the library.




  Hello everyone.Today Im glad to be here to give a speech about my fresh experience in China Agriculture University.

  First I must say the campus life is really different from what I have experienced in high school.For instance,I used to lean upon my dormitory teacher to wake me up on time.But now I have to set several alarm clocks to make myself could hear them in the morning otherwise I would miss my class.And then even worse there would be nobody remind me

  except my teacher!So the differences are everywhere and I could easily find them.The change of life is great and its wonderful:I have more time of my own and the rights to decide how I live.

  My campus activities are rich and colorful.Learning English has become a habit to me cause I plan to study abroad in next few years.Playing Guzheng is my favorite activity.I have kept on practising it since I was a little girl and I wish to win more competitions in my campus life.

  Our university has the first level equipments and the most experienced teachers,also has the best students(laugh).I consider it to be a honor that Ive got a chance to study here and I sincerely hope that we could live wonderful lives in our campus!








  The moment I stepped into the college campus, I thought I would spend a long time studying here, but soon I have come to the last year of college life. Time flies and when I look back on the passed days here, I hold the good memories, which will be the precious experience of my life.


  Firstly, I chosen English as my major and I love learning it. I found some of my friends did not show much interest in their major, and they learn it because their parents made the choice for them. So I felt lucky to learn what I liked. The more I learned, the more passionate about my major I became. It was the key to help me know more about the world.


  Secondly, I have made many good friends. Since I lived in the dorm life, I learned to get along with my roommates. The lucky thing was that we had so many things in common. We shared our opinions about the hot issues, which made me become mature. We inspired each other when we set the targets and made progress together.


  The life in college is such an unforgettable memory for me. I gain both knowledge and friendship.



  After entering college, we found, to our surprise, that differences between high school life and college life are great. In high school, we always depended on our parents and teachers to solve all kinds of difficult problems. At college, however, we have to rely exclusively on ourselves. Whats more, we have to learn how to get along with our classmates and roommates.

  Four years at college is an important yet very short period of time in our life. So it is always expected that we adapt to this life as quickly as possible. But it is a pity that not everyone can do so immediately. Here are some suggestions.

  First, get familiar with the main buildings on the campus. Spend one or two hours by yourself or with your classmates to go around the campus so that you can know the location of such important places as the library, the dining room, the post office, the clinic and classrooms. Next, try to be independent. Learn to do such things as making sound decisions on how to spend your time, how to spend your money etc, and washing clothes on your own. Furthermore, form good study habits. Talk with your classmates and learn from their good habits. Finally, try to take part in all kinds of activities to get out of your solitude and get on well with your classmates.


  It was a hot summer season, although it is autumn, but do not feel the autumn chill. . I am full of longing for life on college students, set foot on the train to the land of dreams, and began learning a new career. However, this is the first time, a father with me, travel is no longer lonely fear, only a heart filled with longing!

  Different with high school, college students not binding, more slack, usually very little academic day, only just started coming, freshman management is also more stringent, to the earlier study up, despite how reluctant we do not, can still obediently toe the line, from not absent. In those days, now think about it, actually feel quite sweet, quite happy.

  Life is very monotonous, one of four quarters, because I was late, to coincide with school dormitory nervous, so on and live with sister school senior, and this for me, there is no

  inappropriate, just and classmates from the less, and not so often, I temper this relatively cool, fun loving though, is particularly practical, lack of vitality and passion college.

  College life, a great extent improved my self-learning ability. Because the University taught in high school are no longer spoon-fed so as to learn is very boring. And high school teachers teaching methods are quite different, but a lesson taught a lot of knowledge, usually counted as one class of two classes, the kind of attached. So at first not used to. Classroom lectures alone is not enough. This requires the consolidation in the class to practice the knowledge learned in class to be their own and often go to the library to delve into some relevant information, over time, self-learning ability is improved. There is also understood how to use the same time focus on learning to think independently. To learn just is not enough hard at hard study, to learn "method" of doing it. As the old saying that good, delegate to fish than giving the fishing, my purpose here is to learn to "fish", but easier said than done, I changed a good many ways, what are diligent in thinking, the event to understand the problems can be diligent to ask. During the study, the "independent thinking" as their motto, always keep in mind alert. In addition to professional courses, we still have to learn English, Mathematics. In fact, these I like. These non-professional courses are usually together on the two classes, so teachers can also reduce the workload by half. For me, Im so quiet, always quiet like a person on the line, so little spare time. Students are busy with their own business, so we have very little communication. Only during school breaks only slapstick about.

  University of carefree life full of sunshine. Perhaps because of this that feels about right over time, we have a sophomore now blink of an eye, and this semester is nearing an end, think of quite feeling ah! Feel that they are slow however, so far

  do not know anything, there is no clear future plans. That the school sister asked me, have not triedShe said to me, "You should take advantage of a period in the university, for obtaining the number of documents, these will find a job after you is very useful, otherwise this will be after you graduate, youll regret, why did not how how . "I want to do so, so good times, we should not be abandoned on the so give it to off, but should make good use of. No matter how the future, at least now I have to be fair.

  Others say the university to learn a lot of things, we have to learn how to get along with others, deal with the communicative relations between people, lots to take part in practical activities,

  training to improve their ability to develop their own social. Yes ah, of course, universities are still very much changed my thinking, my view of the world, view of life. While many depressed

  through a lot of things fail, but I had never regretted her choice, because after experiencing college life, I am not the same on all, and the high school is an entirely different person, perhaps more mature, perhaps the ways of the world , and short, generally a reborn. I take life at a time when I can to make more rational decisions!

  In fact, universities are not very good. The total time in high school before that the University is a paradise to come out from where the person can get paid work, dressed, fed and clothed. Often hear people say college is a large amount to anything, a good university is destined to a lifetime of glory, not when the life of the peasants, and not busy doing farming work, and do not do farm work so hard up. . .

  College years are very good, can do so I went to college I found that is not really going on, had been talking about hype of college life not imagined it this good, so simple. . . I think, before,

  perhaps too simple own ideas on us. . . In fact, it is most important is that their views and attitude. Many students believe that college is to learn practical knowledge in many gorgeous and not actually learn these things do not know what, that they can not be used to eat, can not be used for work, school chanting just given you, do not study does not test better. Of course, not. We have to realize their own

  Was often said to me: what college you should learn well, maybe not after your professional

  opportunities for you to find a job, and you learn something casual you may want to use whole life!

  Since I entered the university, for the first time that life is worth a lot of things to learn and cherish his own lifetime, and it is the first time such a profound experience. High school time is spent in the books, but now has the most profound insight into the university is the original and the people know how to get along with one of lifes a required course, as I said earlier,

  relationships are important, and we must learn how to get along with others !

  Oh, be they reading junior high school, college and now, as long as you still a student, as long as you were in school, your life is not inevitable, "three-point line" in the hover. Therefore, classroom, bedroom, dining room became my regular haunt. The beginning, would also have a bit of

  university life, I hope, for the first time that college life sound just like high school life, is going to be living! Life is dull most of the time already, so time for a long time felt that the days of no novel. Can even be said to be boring! Fortunately, however, the library became a place I often go in the library reading homework, but also very happy happy. Sophomore redistribution about the bedroom, now I have, and their classmates live in together. Living together who share the same bedroom, after so many days to live, we had some mutual understanding, in life and learning will be more dependent on each other, more united! These are the commonplace understanding of life out.

  But now when I go over peoples eyes back to my freshman life, there has been a different

  perception. Now I am more in the future to consider how to find a good job to go into society, but also experienced a variety of interviews to find part-time, in the process I began to reflect on my college life, I considered a qualified studentsI chose the college life rightI am going through it for my future development to help

  Perhaps these experiences in some people seem to be very rich, not commonplace wasted, get some honor and encourage the recognition of this is, but I also think so and this has been targeted efforts.

  Some people say that university friends will be friends for life, the childish high school faded in the face of a common life experience while also preserving the students sincere and friendly, ask people how much life the opportunity to have pure friendshipPeople are social animals, but also emotional animals, if ignored the feelings of communication between people will be how sad thing. Handed in different circles with different friends in different experiences produce different inspiration, this is not also a valuable asset is it

  Over time, I not only learned the basic disciplines of public knowledge and professional

  knowledge, I also made efforts toward a qualitative leap can more quickly master a new technical knowledge, I think it is important for the future . Knowledge in the learning period, the teachers taught, so I appreciate the fun. Around many of my classmates and I, have also established good relations of learning, help each other overcome difficulties. Especially the freshman curriculum design, but also exercise the hands of self and ability to analyze issues and benefit.

  I have been pursuing the sublimation of personality, focusing on their behavior. I admire

  people who have great personal charm, and always hoped I could be done. After nearly two years of university life, I adhere to the self-reflection and efforts to improve their own personality. In the library, I read some classics and a few books of this perfect personality for their help, more and more recognized for the conduct of a person how important it is related to whether the correct outlook on life and world view. Therefore, no matter under what circumstances, I have to come to moral demands on themselves. Wherever and whenever I have followed the tenets of

  self-discipline, and practical to follow it. Students usually love, respect for teachers and helpful. Previously only felt very happy to help others is a virtue. Now I realize the truth, and helpful not only to cast noble character, but will also get a lot of their own interests. Also to help others to help themselves.

  Recalling the past year and a half, I am very pleased to have a difficult time in the students who helped them, relative, in my difficulties, my classmates and selfless lent a helping hand. Without their help, I may not know where to go. I realized that, not so much the character and moral conduct of individuals as it is the responsibility of individuals to society. A person living in the world, must assume some responsibility to society, obligations, with the noble character, you can correct understanding of their responsibilities, the contribution to the realization of their value.Social work ability has been greatly improved, university life, I participated in many school activities and did some social practice. Participate in school activities to get to know more students, thus increasing communication with other students and their learning opportunities, training their communication skills, learn other peoples strengths, recognize their own shortcomings.

  I think, can not predict the future, but at least now I will try, will not let me leave any regrets in college life. Also like all my friends and classmates alike, for their future efforts!


  How time flies! It has been about two years since I came to the University of Education. Every coin has two sides. On the one hand, I am quite satisfied with my university life. On the other hand, life in my university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected.

  University is not only a place where you can learn something useful from textbooks, but also a place where you can improve your ability to communicate with others.

  During the year university study, I can not only acquire a lot of book learning, but also foster various abilities. All types of extracurricular activities such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and traveling provide opportunities to make friends, many of these friendships may last a long time. I like talking and playing with others, so I own many friends. Sometimes I feel lonely, angry and also homesick. But fortunately I own these good friends. They helped me spend these sad days. I find words cannot express my sincere thanks to them. But I know when they need help; I will do everything that I can do to help those who helped me before.

  I like going to the library where you can find these words on the wall: "Knowledge is power." and "Keep silence!" after class every day. Because I know that we must learn every day. I think the life in university of Education is full of freedom, but I never waste time. Life is not easy

  for everybody, especially for those who hopes to lead a happy life”, a famous lady once said. That is to say, you have to try your best to learn and to pass exams in order to make your life become better and better with time going on. So I never give up learning even go to the college.

  Sometimes I also want to own more free time to do my own things. But we have too many classes. So I think life in my university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected. The teaching method is boring; instead of lecturing, some teachers just "read" lessons. I hate it. I want to more free time in class.

  During the time I spend at the University of Education, I not only develops my intellectual abilities, I also develop social skills as well as knowledge and wisdom necessary for choosing a future career.

  In short, we should value our life in the University of Education. Although there are many things lacking, the four years in the university is a worthwhile period in our whole lifetime.


  another thing i want to mention is love. love in the university is different from other places. in my secondary school, love among students are strictly forbidden. but since it is human nature to desire for something that is not allowed, there are still some some lovebirds flying around us. parents and teachers are unwilling to see it happen.they make great efforts to stop these birds flying. i still remember two of my friends who were threatened to leave school by my teachers finally had to end their puppy love, though unwillingly.

  but now, something interesting in fudan is that love eists everywhere. for instance, the first lesson of my english class is about love.a small play in the yingin (freshmen welcome party) called "turn left and turn right" is about students love in fudan. some of my roommates have boyfriends.at night,while lying in bed, we always share their love stories. what's more, even our instructor once said, "in our department, girls are more than boys. so we will have a party with the chemistry department, the situation in which is just the opposite. i was surprised about the attitude towards love here. is our instructor encouraging us to find someone to fall in love with? i cannot understand it quite well.

  what i mentioned above are the two things impressed me most at the very beginning of my freshmen year. they are surely my first impression, and i am sure with the process of my university life i will get more out of it.


  how time flies! one month has passed before i could take any notice of it. this is the start of my freshman year in fudan university. at the very beginning, everything and everyone is strange to me. but now, everyday and in everyway, i am getting better;i am getting used to it.

  i would like to tell you two things in my university life that are of great importance and interest.

  freedom is what i am looking forward to since the very first day of my primary school. a lot of people said to me, "study hard, and you will get freedom when in university." but when i really entered university, i find the real situation is different.freedom costs me a lot. if i refuse to wash my clothes, for eample, they will just lay there, unclean. in a word, i have to do everything and take care of myself. well, it doesn't mean that i don't like the life style.on the contrary, i like it very much though it is hard at the beginning. it is really a challenge for me.

  i appreciate a famous saying from albert camus, "freedom is nothing but a chance to be better." that's right. real freedom comes with responsibility. some teenagers believe that freedom means doing whatever you like. but i think that is not real freedom at all. one can have his or her own freedom, while at the same time respect others'. it is not easy to think on behalf of others. university life provides me with this precious chance to practice it.


  As we know, many people favor the idea that the college life is free and comfortable, but I’d like to say it’s not true. As a matter of fact, my life in university is so busy that I wonder if my energy is enough. As to my college life, I divide it into four parts, including study and student activities.

  Firstly, I want to talk about the study. In my opinion, study is the priority in college. When I received the letter of admission in summer, I knew clearly that what I should do. So I make up my mind to study hard and pursue learning as much as possible. I’m greatly convinced that knowledge can change my life. Therefore, I often go to the quiet study room where many people study there. By working so hard, I get good grades in the exams.

  Secondly, student activities play an important role in our college life. To be honest, the student Union is a good place where one can develop social skills, get his abilities trained. I take part in many student activities. For example, I’ m a volunteer, teaching the kids to learn to dance and write. I think it’s meaningful for everyone to give a hand to others. I can also do some jobs in the Student Union, including receiving and sending fast mail, selling papers and magazines. I think they’re unforgettable and worthwhile experiences for me.

  In short, my life in university is busy but valuable. You can see that study brings me knowledge, student activities improve myself, library changes my horizons, the others things make me independent. They get all my abilities trained. And I see t

  hat the chance will come only if you have a prepared mind, so Im sure that I can achieve my dreams in college life. ’


  good afternoon, my dear friends.

  i am very happy to meet you here.it is my great honor to communicate with you at such a special occation.first of all,please allow me to express my appreciation to you all to listion to me.

  i am proud of being a college student.the collegelife is fresh,new teachers, new classmates and new friends. i like the friendship, and their wide knowledge and opening mind. the grand library, school buildings and wide playground attrattde me very much.my college life is better than i expected, i can do anything i like. in the college we can not only learn the professional knowledge,but also develop our comprehensive abilities.if we can make full use of the period,we can learn many useful things.besides,we should have the active attitude to our life,do a contributionto the society.collegelife is the most precious time in our life.most of us want to become an outstanding man. but there are some students still waste their time. they get together for eating, drinking or playing cards. theyre busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. they completely forget their task as college students.

  finally, i hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy person to our country, and make great contributions to the society!






  Welcome to ...... University, which is one of the key universities in ......province.

  As a science college, our college regard the civil engineering as the key discipline and mainly cultivate science and technological talents , and there also are liberal arts majors such as economic, cultural and others,.

  As a freshman, you should learn some basic courses, such as advanced mathematics ,College English ,College Physics, mechanics, PE and so on. The junior will need to learn some professional courses.Students can choose the directions according to their interests to continue a further study.Being the senior , the majority of people will get a job in a good company. but the premise is that you need to read all the professional compulsory, and pass the exam with great grades.In addition ,you should learn elective courses and get enough credits.

  what you should pay attentions to is that you must go back to your apartment on time .and dont absent classes without proper reasons.


  In my understanding, if we refer to an ideal college life as a formal western dinner, then a high GPA, that is, Grade Point Average, should be the main course, while an active part in activities, together with associations, means the appetizer. Some romances, of course, play the role as desserts. They are the 3 key elements for an ideal college life. Those, however, are not what college life is all about. As we all know, college is wildly different from middle school. It connects not only adolescence to adulthood, but also the ivory tower to the real society. Therefore, the ideal college life is that I become matured both physically and mentally, and that I obtain qualified academic knowledge and get well prepared for society at the same time. Under this circumstance, I never expect my college life to be too ideal, or you can call it too perfect. It is not realistic to make all things on my own way, with everyone liking me, winning the first prize all the time, and so on. Of course, I’d like to lead a carefree life. However, this does little good to my future. What really helps is hardships like failure, betrayal, and unjust treatment. Only after experiencing those can I know what society is like, and what life is like. To conclude my speech, I wanna say, some positive experiences are surely part of the ideal college life. But, I should not forget about the negative sides. They are not less necessary.



  My Campus Life

  youth is a beautiful word to our teenagers.youth is the most memorable period of our life.now,i am 20 years old and i am studying in XXX university.i found that the school life is happy and enjoyable.i make lots of friends on school campus,and the teachers in our school are kind and they impart knowledge to us.i study hard at school and try to get good marks in the class,because i want to be a useful person for the society in the future and to fulfill my dreams.Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading and listening to the music, but I am not lonely, for I like to chat with my classmates about almost everything.my favourite sports is playing volleyball,i like to play volleyball with my friends.i enjoy the time at school,that will be the most memorable period of my life.




  as a sophomore, i am feeling the time flies. recalling about the past one year, so many thoughts are flooding in my mind. at this time, i just can’t tell my real idea. the memory is just like so fresh, and all the things happened yesterday!

  when first day i came to university, i really feel that the school is very good, but at the first sight of the dormitory, something disappointing come up to me! the condition of the dormitory is really very poor with only one room, no lavatory! i saw something sad in my father’s eyes, maybe that time he thought of the poor condition! so with a big smile on my face, i told my father” it doesn’t matter, dad. in this kind of condition, i will get myself better!” my father felt better. but when he was coming back, seeing his back, i just wanted to cry! i felt in this city i was just isolated, from that time, i said to myself, “ you have no others who can help you here, just depend on yourself”and then i came to my dormitory 303. i considered that i would spend four years here (in fact i moved to another one year later) and my dorm mates are all there. most of them came from sichuan and they were chatting with a happy voice, but i can’t understand them! again, i felt myself isolated! i hated that kind of feeling, and then i said to hello to them! to my surprise they are very friendly to me and warm-hearted! i no longer felt afraid. and i got along well with them. but at the first night here, i burst out to tears for that i was missing my family. i don’t know why. everyday when i was at home, i was just eager to go to school, to eperience the wonderful college life but when coming here, i am just eager to go back! it’s quite strange though, you must know this kind of feeling!

  just spending about 2 days here, we were on our way to military train. to us, it’s a fresh train and a kind of eperience to know the life between the classmates. but to me, i was nervous but ecited. this was my first and precious train life because before going to school i have been staying with my family. so, you know, it’s just this kind of feeling i can’t convey it clearly! the train life is impressive on everybody; we had a lot of activities, for eample giving a speech on a stage or singing together or playing basketball. at that time, i felt myself so little among them. all of them have a special talent but not me. i admired them but meanwhile jealousy. why don’t i have this kind of talent? am i stupid? i always said to myself. so that time i was also very ambitious, just eager to catch up with them. ecept the classmates, the trainer in our team also left a deep impression on me! he was not very handsome and very kind. just because of his kindness results in my laughter when training. he always said to me that i should be serious in the team but i didn’t listen to him. so after a long time, when investigating the training result, i gave them a disappointing answer. the highest trainer sent me to clean the toilet, although, it didn’t means insulting to my dignity, but i was really sad about myself and my heart was hurt. that was a small thing but told me that i need to be serious to one thing. and unhappiness passed, the happy and funny time recalled me that folding the blanket. yeah, it’s really very funny. most of us had never folded the blanket and naturally we can’t accomplish the task well.

  when the monitor came, we pleased him to help us to fold the blanket. to our epect, we managed to persuade the monitor. after the monitor finished the task for me. i dared not to touch the blanket again and just used the clothes instead of the blanket. of course, i felt very cold in deep night, so to my instinct, i crashed into my classmate’s blanket. and we were scratching the single blanket fiercely, just like a war.