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  When talking about the course which impresses me the most,I will certainly choose Basic

  Chemical Experiment.As a student of science,I am always fascinated with the magic in test tubes,and from this course I gained more than pure knowledge.

  To begin with,this course provides us opportunities to put theories into practices.The

  experiments helped us testify and better understand what we have learned in books.Besides,by designing experimental procedures of own,we became more flexible and innovative.

  Moreover,I also developed other skills that required outside labs through this course.For example,

  to be focused and careful when proceeding a task,to be patient and calm when facing failures,and to communicate properly when you need someone else to cooperate.These can be very valuable assets to your life.

  Basic Chemical Experiment influenced me not only on academic field but also on daily affairs,

  therefore it’s the most impressing course to me.





  Miss you so much,the spring is in my heart!I call you in winter,the flowers and plants of the earth know my heart.

  How could the end of the cold shut my love for you,eager to spring scenery covered my heart.Your smile is like a song,moistens my love for you!Your figure is like a river,moistens my love.Sun sets,stars out,year after year,usher in the dawn each were shining brilliantly,and off the innumerable cloud all the evening,but remained motionless,I wait for you a winter love is!

  You are like a ray of sunshine in winter,stroking my face and heart.You wake up the sleeping earth,and make the whole world full of energy.

  The rain silently,mingled with underground,dripping on the land,to give the earth a little moist,make the earth vitality.You let leaves fully absorb the rain which nature gives.

  The birds are singing in the branches back,as if to pour out your arrival.Grass in the wind dancing to music performed by you,as if in a welcome meeting for you.Through the windblow,I saw the wonderful rain,see you in the rain.Proverb says:"Rain in spring is as precious as oil".It is no wonder that the flowers begin to bloom after the spring rain.

  Let us embrace the touching spring,put the dreams of the spring into their full lofty sentiments,and sprinkle with sweat infiltration in the spring of faith,to the autumn harvest fruitful hope!


  A robbery happened near the Bank of China on March 8th,2002.A woman was robbed of her money by a tall robber with long brown hair after she took money out of the bank.The robber was riding a motorbike,wearing a mask and carrying a gun in hand.In three minutes,the policeman arrived at the spot and fought with the robber who tried to run away with the money.After half an hours fight,the robber was shot to death at the turning of the street.The woman was very grateful to the police.Please be careful while going out.

  There happened a robbery near the Bank of China on March 8th,2002.The details were that a scoundrel with a gun was robbing a women of money.The scoundrel had long brown hair,his face covered and rode a motorcar.He tried to take money out of the womans pocket.But the police arrived three minutes later,fighting with the scoundrel.The scoundrel tried to run away with money,but he failed.After half an hour,the scoundrel was shot by a policeman at the corner of the street.The women appreciated the police.Everybody should be careful while going out.


  Many people,especially those who think they are not as talented as others,tend to give up in their undertakings and thus complain about life.Such people will certainly end up getting nowhere.Notice that most successful people are not unlike us.What makes them stand out is their devotedness to the job they are doing,which is typical of the story of Li Dahua,a neighbor of mine.

  Dahua was brought up in a poor family.Since he didnt do well in school,he joined his father in collecting garbage for a living soon after he graduated from elementary school.His neighbors shook their heads whenever they saw him,thinking that this boy would by no means carve out a bright future.Years passed by,and Dahua kept collecting garbage,but he took one step further.Through books he knew how to sort out the waste he had collected and have it recycled.You know what? He has set up a recycling factory and become the richest man in town!His success proves the ancient Chinese saying:"There must be a use for my talent."


  University is a place that provides a number of interesting activities to eich our life on campus.In the two years,I have attended a couple of activities such as football club and reading society.The most benefited one popping into my mind is the sports meeting last month.

  First of all,sports meeting offers a great opportunity to draw students’ attention from busy studies to the sports field.As students,most of our time is killed in the classroom and library.However,doing sports could be seen as a relaxing ingredient in tedious study life.

  Secondly,as a member of football club,I attended the football game that day.I enjoyed the feeling of being united.During the game,we encouraged each other when we felt frustrated;we cheered for each other when we scored a goal.All these taught me to be more and more team-oriented.

  Lastly,doing sports benefits to our physical health.Increasingly sedentary lifestyle causes laziness and possibility of obesity.Therefore,this sports meeting on campus mobilized our students to enjoy the fun of sports.

  This is the campus activity that has benefited not only me but also most of the students.




  Rose is my roommate,classmate and my best friend in my college.She has a round face and a little plump.One can always find a nice smile on her face,which reflects her amiable and pleasant character.Our friendship attributes to her great influence on me.

  In terms of study,she is good at English,while English is not my cup of tea.When I am confused about teacher’s explanation of texts,she always interprets them to me in an explicit way.I really appreciate her help.Besides,she also imparts me a few language learning tips and recommendations which arouse my learning interest.

  In addition,in the leisure time,she helps me a lot as well.Because I am not the local student and my hometown is far away from here,sometimes I feel homesick.However,I always have Rose on my side.Her accompany gives me great comfort.

  I feel so lucky that I could have such a good friend,who teaches me and help me in my study and leisure life,so she is the classmate that has influenced me most in college.




  Spring is coming quietly by waking up everything slightly.All the creatures come back to life and start to grow.How wonderful the spring is!The rivers are running happily.The swallows are flying back from the south and singing.Meanwhile,some cute animals are busy with their new houses.And the sun shines brightly,directly to our frozen hearts.Everything is kissed by gently breeze.Listen!There are thousands of blossoms muttering with each other,giving off fragrance in the air.What colorful and harmonious scenes!

  Spring is the beginning of the year which gives us energy and uncountbale chances.As teenagers,we must take advantage of the significant opportunity to realize our dreams.And we should keep it in mind that no pains,no gains.That is to say,the more we do,the better we will be.Thomas Alva.Edison ever said,"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The most certain way to succeed is just to try one more time."Under no circumstances should we give up our goals.No matter what happens,we are supposed to persist our dreams until the end of our life.In addition,we should be optimistic.Do not erase all the progress you have made due to one mistake.

  As the proverb put it,"Good beginning is half done."Please let us cherish the short spring,and make our dream come true.



  It’s useful and necessary to discuss learning habits.As we all know,good learning habits can make your study go to succeed.As a student,we should pay more attentions to our habits which we develop in our study.

  I’m sure “repeat” is a best habit.Do you develop the habit? If we want to improve our study,we should repeat what the teachers taught us again and again,and then we can understand or remember the knowledge which the teachers demand us to master.How to develop the habit? the first step,set a timetable,and stick to carry out the plan,don’t stop.

  When I do my homework,I often make mistakes with carelessness,how to overcome the shortage? I think I should think about it over and over as long as I do my homework.And then I do it little by little.Maybe in this way I can correct my mistakes.





  There are many people who think that wealth is better than health.I used to think so until one day I read a story about Howard Hughes.He was an American billionaire who got anything he wanted.However,in the last twenty years of his life,his health began to deteriorate and he was miserable.He had the best doctors and nurses.However,he could still find no relief.I realized that health is worth all the money in the world.If you have millions of dollars but your health is poor,you will not be able to do what you want to do.I would like to say dont hurt yourself trying to make money.Instead take care of your body and be happy with what you do have.Health is more important.

  So I think health is more important than wealth.People can do nothing if they are always in poor health,let alone happiness.No matter we are rich or not,we can not ignore the importance of health.

  很多人都认为财富比健康更重要。在读到Howard Hughes的故事之前,我也是这么认为的。Howard Hughes是美国的一个亿万富翁,能得到他想得到的任何东西。但是在他生命的最后二十年,他的身体变得很糟糕,他很悲惨。他有最好的医生和护士,但仍得不到解脱。我意识到在这个世界上,健康的身体抵得上所有的金钱。因为即使你有百万美元但身体不健康,也不能做你想做的事情。我想说的是关心你的身体,对你所拥有的一切感到高兴,不要为挣钱损害你的身体。健康更重要。



  随着中国经济的发展,环境问题也越来越突出。保护环境,成了我们重要的'责任。如果我们再让情况如此下去的话,留给我们后代的恐怕就不是一个健康的地球了。这给我们敲响了一个警钟,那就是要尽快实施环境保护的一些措施。最近,很多问题越来越明显的出现在公众的眼中。食品安全问题、酸雨问题、水资源缺乏问题、气候问题,all f all,归根结底都是环境的问题。社会的发展应该成为环境保护的基石,我们应该用不断产生的新技术来保护环境。同时,环境的保护应该成为社会发展的一个重要的部分。综上所述,我认为环境的保护应该从两个方面来实施。On the ne hand,相应的法律应该被制定b政府。On the ther hand,环保意识应该在公众中间进行广泛的宣传。我相信如果我们始终把环保问题放在发展的第一位,我们的社会将更快更健康的发展。

  As the develping f Chinese ecn,the prble f prtecting envirnent is becing re and re iprtant.It is a crucial respnsibilit fr us.If Drea,as the star n the night,can direct peple g ahead.I want t be a painter fr childhd.I want t erize all beautiful things in the wrld b pencil.I have an fancies abut wrld.I want t g t all ver the wrld,seeing the scener,and nte all experience in wn wa.I can use the blue t paint the taste f drea,use the red t paint the hpe f trrw,use the green t safeguard the wrld,use the white t envelp the spt f the wrld.


  Do you see the glass as half-full rather than hall empty? The two different answers to the question represent two different attitudes towards life--optimistic attitude and pessimistic attitude.


  Optimism always leads to happiness,health and success while pessimism,by contrast,results in hopelessness,sickness and failure.Thats because optimists and pessimists deal with the same challenges and disappointments in very different ways.When things go wong the pessimist tends to blame himsell,while the optimist looks for loop holes.The optimist feels in control of his oval life.If things are going badly,he acts quickly,looking for solutions,forming a new plan of action,and seeking for advice.On the contrary,the pessimist yields to the arrangement of fate and moves slowly.He doesnt seek advice,since he assumes nothing can be done.


  Most people are a mix of optimism and pessimism.Optimism is important in all aspects of our lives.If you can change your mind from pessimism to optimism,you can change your life.



  There are two people in either posters,each of which tells something about Olympic spirits.

  In the first poster,two badminton players hold one gold medal together,which suggests that cooperation always comes first in Olympics.Although all the players struggles to be higher,faster,and stronger,the teamwork usually plays a very important role in a lot of events,such as football,group gymnastics and relay races.

  In the second poster,in the relay race one athlete is passing an olive branch,instead of a baton,on to the next one.What does it mean? It shows us that the Olympics mean more than just competition.Peace and friendship are also part of the Olympics!

  In short,all the events involved in Olympics are symbols of strength,competition and more importantly,cooperation and world peace.


  Diamonds are rare,beautiful,and also quite useful.They are the hardest substance found in nature.That means a diamond can cut any other surface.And only another diamond can make a slight cut in a diamond.

  Diamonds are made from carbon.Carbon is found in all living things,both plant and animal.Much of the carbon in the earth comes from things that once lived.

  Scientists know that the combination of extreme heat and pressure changes carbon into diamonds.Such heat and pressure exist only in the hot,liquid mass of molten rock deep inside the earth.It is thought that millions of years ago this liquid mass pushed upward through cracks in the earth’s crust.As the liquid cooled,the carbon changed into diamond crystals.

  There are only four areas where very many diamonds have been found.

  The first known area was in India,where diamonds were found thousands of years ago.In the 1600’s,travelers from Europe brought back these beautiful stones from India.Diamonds became very popular with the kings and queens of Europe.

  In the 1720’s,diamonds were discovered in Brazil.This discovery came at a good time,too.India’s supply of diamonds was finally running out after 2,500 years of mining the stones.

  In the 1800’s,two other important areas were found in Russia and South Africa.Today,most diamonds used in industry come from Russia.Most diamonds used as gems come from South Africa.Only 25 percent of all diamonds mined are good enough for cutting into gems.

  Most of the diamonds in India were found in stream beds.People would pick up handfuls of gravel from the bottom of the streams and sort out the diamonds.These diamonds were probably carried from where they were formed to India by great sheets of moving ice that covered parts of the earth 20,000 years ago.

  Most diamonds today are not found in stream beds,however.They are mined from rock formations deep inside the earth called pipes.Scientists believe that these are parts of volcanoes that were formed when molten rock pushed upward through the earth’s crust.The hard rock in which diamonds are found is called blue ground,because it is somewhat blue.The blue ground is blasted into large pieces of rock which are carried to the surface by elevator.Then the rocks are carefully crushed so that the diamonds are not destroyed.Next,the crushed material is taken over to washing tables.Here,it flows over boards thickly coated with grease.Since diamonds stick to grease,they are left behind by the rocks and mud which flow down the tables.

  Diamonds,as they are found,do not look very impressive.They are gray,greasy-looking pebbles.Experienced diamond miners can tell a diamond immediately.But some people have carried around an unusual pebble for weeks before finding out that they had got a diamond.


  there was a king who had twelve beautiful daughters.they slept in twelve beds all in one room and when they went to bed,the doors were shut and locked up.however,every morning their shoes were found to be quite worn through as if they had been danced in all night.nobody could find out how it happened,or where the princesses had been.

  so the king made it known to all the land that if any person could discover the secret and find out where it was that the princesses danced in the night,he would have the one he liked best to take as his wife,and would be king after his death.but whoever tried and did not succeed,after three days and nights,they would be put to death.

  a king’s son soon came.he was well entertained,and in the evening was taken to the chamber next to the one where the princesses lay in their twelve beds.there he was to sit and watch where they went to dance;and,in order that nothing could happen without him hearing it,the door of his chamber was left open.but the king’s son soon fell asleep;and when he awoke in the morning he found that the princesses had all been dancing,for the soles of their shoes were full of holes.the same thing happened the second and third night and so the king ordered his head to be cut off.

  after him came several others;but they all had the same luck,and all lost their lives in the same way.now it happened that an old soldier,who had been wounded in battle and could fight no longer,passed through the country where this king reigned,and as he was travelling through a wood,he met an old woman,who asked him where he was going.’i hardly know where i am going,or what i had better do,’ said the soldier;’but i think i would like to find out where it is that the princesses dance,and then in time i might be a king.well,’ said the old woman,’that is not a very hard task:only take care not to drink any of the wine which one of the princesses will bring to you in the evening;and as soon as she leaves you pretend to be fast asleep.’


  An old saying "The early bird will catch worms"reminds us that if people want to be successful and outstanding,they must plan ahead of time and make their efforts to overcome all the possible difficulties.

  For example,the Chinese athletesexcellent performance in 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver is definitely the result of their early planning and hard training.If they dont set the aim and word work,even though they have the best talents,they cant compete with others and get more medals.

  Another case in point is my learning experience.I was good at English,but I couldnt pass the exam,for I wasnt prepared well before the examination.I had many things to solve at that time.As I met the complex things,I was at a loss.The reason was that I had no plan and involved in many things and didnt study more hard,so I failed.

  In short,the saying shows us the important of planning,working hard and constantly trying.